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On Tyrol's most beautiful roads with a convertible

Convertible rental & tour tips

Experience the gorgeous natural scenery of Tyrol up-close in our Mercedes C-class convertible for a flat rental rate. With pleasant rays of sunshine on your face and a fresh mountain breeze on your skin, you will feel the unlimited freedom of the Alps and can take part in an unforgettable adventure.   


€ 120 per day
€ 60 per 1/2 day

Our suggestions for convertible and motorcycle tours

In and around Tyrol, you will find countless motorcycle or convertible tours on Tyrol's most beautiful mountain roads. Enjoy the breathtaking mountain panoramas and magnificent Alpine passes. Here, we have put together our favorite tours for you:

Over the Gerlos Pass to East Tyrol and South Tyrol and back

  • Tour: Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl – Gerlos Pass – Mittersill – Felbertauern – Matrei – Staller Saddle – Brenner – Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl
  • Duration: 6 hrs.
  • Route: 348 km

Tour through the Karwendel Silver Region

  • Tour: Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl – Achensee – Sylvensteinsee – along the Isar – Hinteriss Eng 
  • Duration: 3:16 hrs.
  • Route: 167 km

4 lake tour to Hinterriss Eng

  • Tour: Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl – Achensee – Tegernsee – Kochelsee – Walchensee – Eng – Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl
  • Duration: 3:32 hrs.
  • Route: 204 km

4 lake tour

  • Tour: Achensee – Tegernsee – Schliersee – Thiersee 
  • Duration: 2:45 hrs.
  • Route: 169 km

Zillertaler Höhenstraße

  • Tour: Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl – Zillertaler Höhenstraße - Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl
  • Duration: 2:16 hrs.
  • Route: 69 km
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