One family. Three generations.

From small farmhouse to four-star hotel

What today is widely known and appreciated as the Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl has its origins in a simple farmhouse - and the Maria and Gottfried Schiestl family. Gottfried Schiestl was born in the "Dinkland“ house in 1927. Both Gottfried and Maridl Schiestl grew up as children of farmers in Fügenberg. Gottfried Schiestl laid the foundation stone for today's wellness hotel by converting the farmhouse into a guesthouse. The hotel founders remained closely connected to the hotel and their beloved regular guests until their death.

Close affinity to nature and love for the homeland, the beautiful Ziller Valley

These two themes have always played a central role in the history of the Schiestl family. They have also had a lasting influence on the philosophy of hospitality. Even in 1960, when the establishment was still being used as a guesthouse, the summer visitors were naturally integrated into domestic life. Everybody sat down together by the stove of an evening, chatting and playing music. They all enjoyed cosy and informal evenings. Regular guests soon became friends. A lot has changed on the outside, but the Schiestl family has always remained true to this attitude.

While Gottfried was the mayor of Fügenberg between 1965 and 1992, where he was instrumental in initiating and driving forward the expansion of the Hochfügen ski resort, his wife Maridl and their four children built up the hotel.

The small guesthouse becomes a hotel

The small guesthouse gradually evolved into the Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl, which was managed by daughter Marianne with great dedication. She grew up in the hotel - and you really get a sense of that. She lives the legendary Schiestl hospitality from the depths of her soul. She is always there for her guests with enthusiasm and full dedication – and the guests love her for it.

Four-Star Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl

Marianne still runs the business side of the hotel. But after 40 years, it's time for the third generation. She says that with a laugh. She cannot, of course, imagine her life without the Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl. She will always be there, with her guests. Their youngest child, Christian, completed an apprenticeship as a cook. He has been working as the chef of the hotel for several years now. He met his wife Barbara at the hotel where she had completed her apprenticeship as a restaurant manager several years prior. With their children Maria, Josef and Michael, the 4th generation is already waiting to pass on the hospitality at the Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl. The family-like hospitality, which had already given the small guesthouse an unmistakable character in times gone by, was brought to perfection in the Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl. This is what makes the Schiestl what it is today.