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From a small farm to a 4-star hotel

One family. Three generations.

What is known and admired as Wohlfühlhotel Schiestltoday, used to be a simple farmhouse - and then there was the Schiestl family, of course. Maria und Gottfried Schiestl, to be precise. In the year 1927 Gottfried Schiestl was born in "Dinkland". Both Gottfried and Maridl Schiestl  were farmers' children and they spent their childhood in Fügenberg.  Gottfried became dealer in pigs first and then dealer in heavy livestock, before the family turned the farmhouse into a guesthouse. 

Closeness to nature and the love for their native area, the beautiful Zillertal valley

These are two sentiments that are reflected in the chronicle of the Schiestl Family and that made them forget how hard life was in the country, working the land. They have also characterised the philosophy of hospitality,  As early as 1960, when the hotel was a boarding house and its guests summer guests, it was a matter of course to involve the guests in the daily routine.  In the evenings, the guests and the Schiestls would sit together by the fire and chat and make music.  It was informal and cosy. Guests became regular guests. And regular guests became friends.Being the mayor of Fügenberg between 1965 and 1993, Gottfried initiated and led the extension of skiing area Hochfügen, while his wife Maridl looked after their four children and developed the hotel. In 1960 she would coo for ten guests, preparing the meals at the old farmhouse kitchen, whereas today her daughter Marianne can welcome up to 250 guests at Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl. 

A small guesthouse turns into a Hotel

The years just sped by. The small guesthouse developed into a hotel. And the hotel finally developed into what it is today: Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl.  In 2010 Maridl and Gottfried celebrated their diamond wedding anniversary,

It has been a while since daughter Marianne has started taking over the hotel management. While her mothers sometimes cooked meals in the old farmhouse kitchen  to cater 10 guests on a good day, Marianne welcomes up to 250 guests today. She grew up in the hotel - and it shows. She is the epitome is the legendary Schiestl hospitality. With heart and soul, enthusiasm and commitment she entertains her guests - and the guests love her for it.

4-star Hotel "Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl"

Marianne still manages the hotel. But after 40 years, it is about time for the third generation to take over. She says it with a smile. Obvious, she cannot manage what life would be like without hotel Schiestl. She will always be there where her guests are. And rightfully so, after  all it is a family enterprise, But it is about time, says the mother of three. Her youngest child, Christan has finished an education as cook. He has been the head chef of the hotel for some years now. He met his Barbara at the hotel. She has worked there for years and she did her practice training, as part of the education as restaurant management assistant,  at the hotel. They got married in a civil wedding ceremony in 2012 and 2014 in church. Both have a strong commitment when it comes to the hotel. The third generation is almost ready to take over.

A lot has changed over the years, during three generations. But one thing hasn't changed. The informal hospitality,  the personal touch that reaches back to when it all began - with the small pension. And that is exactlty what makes the Schiestl hotel different. That is what defines a Wohlfühlhotel. 

Holiday atmosphere that lasts

Guest reviews

"Very nicley appointed in the local Tyrolean style with lots of wood but still "alpine chic". Very clean."

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