Information from A to Z - Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl

Information from A to Z

Interesting facts about Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl

We have set out below some useful information about our hotel in alphabetical order.

Arrival day

The rooms are ready for occupancy from 2 pm onwards.

Baby phone

This is possible with your room telephone. Just contact the front desk and give the number of your mobile phone. Whenever you want to activate the baby phone service, just dial the number 500, follow the instructions and leave the receiver next to the telephone.

Badeschlössl (SPA-Area)

The Badeschlössl boasts a pool, sauna baths and steam baths, where you can relax and unwind after a fun-filled and active day outdoors (for adults only over 16 years). Opening hours: Pool: from 7 am until 10 pm / Sauna area: 1 pm until 10 pm


Our hotel bar is a very popular place! Enjoy a cocktail or another cool drink (with or without alcohol). Our barkeeper is looking forward to your visit!


In each room there are two bathrobes which are to lent at no cost. If you should take one home with you, we will charge EURO 75,- per bathrobe. Our bathtowels are available in each room (1 for each person) to be used in our Badeschlössl (SPA) and in our family pool. Of course the used ones will be changed, therefor bring the used ones back to your room.


The WohlfühlHotel Schiestl is the ideal point for bike tours into the mountains. At the reception you will get more information and maps.


From 7 am till 11 am. Start your day with our Schiestl-late-risers-breakfastbuffet with products from our own farm. Attention: breakfast is not included on arrival day (Euro 11,- per person).

Carriage rides

For carriage rides we can arrage an appointment for you at the stables “Edhof” (about 1 km from our hotel) Schiestl guests will get a special price. For further information please contact the reception.


We love to celebrate! Please tell us if you have something to celebrate during your stay in the WohlfühlHotel Schiestl (Birthday, Wedding day, ...)


A cigarette automat can be found in the Zirbenstube.


Please may we ask you to leave your room at 11 am at the latest. You can pay your hotel bill the night before departing. Doing so you can avoid delays on departure day. On departure day you can still use the „Badeschlössl“ and the „Familienhallenbad“ all day. Therefor you can use the bathrobes and bathtowels from your room.

Credit cards

(Visa, Eurocard / Mastercard, JCB) in order to pay your hotel bill we accept all these credit cards.

Daily- and weekly programme

Each morning on your breakfast table or at the reception you’ll find some information about special programmes (like dancing evenings, bingo etc.) Join us and have a lot of fun.

Dani’s Vitalcenter (SPA-area)

Here you’ll find our beauty farm, the hair-dresser as well as the massage area. Please do make appointments by dialling tel. 335 or directly at the Vitalcenter’s reception desk.Please notice that we charge 50% of the treatment in case you shouldn’t come to the arranged appointment or you should cancel the fixed date shortly.


Daily salad- and startersbuffet, main courses from the buffet – in the restaurant area from 6 until 9 pm. Please ask our service team to show you your reserved table.


For medical help, weekend-service - please ask the reception.


Dogs are allowed in the rooms, but not in the restaurants or spa area. We charge Euro 8,- per day, food not included. We ask you to avoid damages in the room caused by your dog.


Drinks in the restaurant can be put on the hotel bill. Please check the bill immediately and sign it.


You can pay your hotel bill with the EC-card (with secret code) at the reception.

Emergency call

  • Fire department: 122
  • Police: 133
  • Ambulance: 144

Environmental protection / Pollution control

If you are interested in doing something for our environment, you’ll have the opportunity in our hotel. Just give a sign to our chamber-maids:

  • Towels on the floor means - please change the towels / we want to have new ones.
  • Towels hanging on the holder means - we will use them again.


You can open the main-entrance with your key-card (small pillar on the right side next to the door) after 11 pm.


We are situated at an optimal spot for a lot of trips. Please have a look at the information desk near the reception. If you need some more information please don’t hesitate to ask us.

Family pool

Our family pool (children and adults) has been totally redecorated. Opening hours: from 7 am - 9 pm. Here are some rules when using the pool:

  • You are not allowed to enter with outdoor shoes!
  • When intoxicated you are not allowed to enter the swimming pool area.
  • We assume no responsibility for any valuables or clothes.
  • You can change in your room - don’t forget your swimwear.
  • For reasons of hygiene please shower before swimming.
  • Don’t be loud and respect other visitors. The family pool is a „laissez faire“ area and your children will feel fine there. It means a lot to us when kids are heaving fun in our new pool. But the wellness pool in the „Badschlössl“ is an oasis of peace and tranquility.


In case of fire please follow from the instructions (seperate leaflet).


Please don’t take any food from our buffets with you. If you like, we can make you a packed lunch. The rate is Euro 5,- per person.

Hiking tours

Our hotel is the ideal starting point for a walk in the Zillertal mountains. Information concerning possibilities and tours you can get at the reception or ask our hiking-guides Alf and Christian.


Is a marvellous place for walking in summer for example the „Vier-Almen- Wanderung“. Do not forget to visit our sister-hotel LAMARK at Hochfügen.


On the first channel of your television you can watch our hotel-infochannel. Just take a look and see what is going on in Hotel Schiestl.


Please hang the sign „Please do not disturb“ on the outside of your door, if you do not want to be disturbed by our housekeeping.

Internet / W-Lan

Is available in all our rooms, also in the lobby and in the bar free of charge.


You have received key-cards to open the door - you also have to insert these key-cards into the little boxes beside the door in order to get electricity. At night you can enter the hotel through the main entrance with your key-card (the main entrance only). Please don’t forget to return the key-cards before your departure. In case of loss we will charge you Euro 4,-


Breakfast: from 7 am until 11 am Afternoon-snack: from 2 pm until 5 pm Dinner: from 6 pm until 9 pm Note: During the afternoon-snack you can also order extra things (to drink or to eat), however any extras, like coffee or beer, are not included and have to be paid for.
Important: The afternoon-snack on departure day is not included, however you can enjoy this afternoon-snack at the price of Euro 7,- per person.


In your wardrobe you will find a mini-safe, where you can deposit your valuables. How to use (manual is in the room):
Saving your code: 1. Press “A” while the safe door is open. 2. Press a code of 6 digits. 3. Press “C”
Opening the safe: 1. Press “A”. 2. Press your 6 digit code and open
For the new mini-safes in the suites:
Closing: 1. Enter a 6 digit code. 2. Press “E”. 3. Close the door. 4. Press “C”.
Opening: 1. Enter your code. 2. Press “E”. 3. you can open the safe

Parking facilities

Free parking facilities in front of our hotel.


In Fügen there are two pharmacies:
Dorfapotheke Fügen (Fügen-Center – opposite tourist office), phone: +43 5288 63818
St. Pankraz-Apotheke Fügen (Karl-Mauracher-Weg 36), phone: +43 5288 67000
Opened: MO-FR: 8 am until 12.30 pm and 3 pm until 6.30 pm · SA: 8 am until noon


With the phone in your room you can call any other room in the house free of charge (just dial the number of the room you want to reach). You can also make a call outside (just dial 0 first).

Photo competition

Join in our photo competition and send us your favourite photo of your holiday at the WohlfühlHotel Schiestl. We raffle nice prices, for those pictures we can use in our homepage or brochure. Further information:

à la carte restaurant

À la carte restaurant (“Zirbenstube and Lounge”) here we serve hot meals all day long! (not included in the ½ board). We ask for your understanding that not all special table wishes can be fulfilled, but we will always try to take your requests into account.


The Reception Team is there for you from 7 am until 11 pm (during peak season until midnight). You can reach our colleagues by dialing 9.

Roof terrace

At the upper floor of our hotel – with a fantastic view upon the Zillertal mountains.

Room service

You can order at the reception – just dial nr. 9 to get connected.

Sauna and steam bath

(in the Badeschlössl) activated from 1 pm till 10 pm) Sauna rules:

  • Take a shower before using the sauna and please do sit on a towel (use the towels from your room).
  •  If you don’t feel well or if you have a sickness (especially with fever) don’t use the sauna.
  • Don’t drink before using the sauna – you might collapse.

Schiestl - Souvenirs

Do not forget to buy a souvenir for your loves ones who stayed at home. In our Schiestl collection we have wine, caps, t-shirts, etc. Information at the reception.

Seminar room

Our seminar room (between the first and second floor in the main house) can be used for business meetings or seminars. If you want to see something special on TV (sports…) DVD or video, please let us know. We can switch on the big screen for you. Please don’t do it by yourself.


We ask you not to smoke in the rooms, the restaurants and our Zirbenstube (à la carte restaurant). Smoking area: hotel bar and in the lounge (near the Zirbenstube).

Spieljoch cableways

Mountain adventures for families in the Ziller Valley. Starting point for many walking trails with wonderful views over the Karwendel mountains, the Achensee, the Wild Kaiser and Kufstein, as well as the Kitzbuehler, Zillertaler and Tuxer Alps. You can buy reduced tickets at the reception.

Wake-up call

For wake-up calls there are two possibilities: Request it at the reception desk or lift the receiver of your telephone, dial 35 and follow the instructions.

Zillertal Active-Card

The Zillertal Active-Card provides you with one cable car drive to the upper and valley station per day. You can use all the facilities of the valley such as outdoor swimming pools, public transportation, and receive rate reduction for offers beyond the Zillertal Valley.


Not only our à la carte restaurant – but also the best place for ending the evening with a nice glass of wine.

 Large, bright room; bath and toilet separated; very clean rooms and bathroom/toilet; 3/4 pension with a large selection of the breakfast buffet 

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Our top offers

at Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl

Regular guest weeks

April and November 2017

• from 3 overnight stays - 10% discount

• use of hiking poles and hiking backpack

• 1 bottle of schnapps

from 10 % discount
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Regular guest weeks

April and November 2017

• from 3 overnight stays - 10% discount

• use of hiking poles and hiking backpack

• 1 bottle of schnapps

ab 10 % Ermäßigung
Read more
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