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A family enterprise with a strong team

We are there for you - with pleasure and commitment!

Our widely known hospitality doesn't just manifest itself, like that. It is based on personal commitment and on the professional attitude of every single staff member.  Approx. 70 persons give their very best so that you feel good. Please, allow us to introduce some of them to you:

Manager Marianne

Marianne is a host with passion and she loves taking care of her guests. From early in the morning to late at night you will see her dashing through the hotel, making sure that all is in good order and nothing has been left out or forgotten. In a nutshell: she is the linchpin of Wohlfühlhotel Schiestl. And she is highly appreciated and loved by her guests, not only because of her personal birthday serenade with barrel organ. 

4-star hotel in the Ziller valley, Fügen

Junior manager Christian

Our junior manager is also head chef. He is a cook, with heart and soul and leads his team accordingly - it shows that he simply loves his work.  Hygiene in the kitchen and cleanliness are very important to him - besides innovative quality. Time and again he tries out new creations. When he's not in his beloved kitchen, he's outdoors, hiking or paragliding. 

Feel good hotel Schiestl in Fügenberg, Ziller valley

Junior manager Barbara

She successfully finished her education to become a restaurant management assistant years ago and did the training at our hotel. Today she zestfully manages the reception and marketing department. When various require a good organisation and preparation, she will lend a helping hand,  if needed. 


Romana has worked with us for some years now. Since October 2015 she has been in charge of the reception. Romana handles all duties with a smile, which is typical of her. We are really pleased to work together with her. Romana likes to hike and ski in her leisure time.

Hotel in Fügenberg, Ziller valley


Our housekeeping manager is our longest-serving staff member.  The housekeeping team always have Roswitha's ear. Co-workers and guests see that she loves her job. Hectic and stress are foreign to her. With her experienced approach she sets a good example for the entire team. 

Modern 4-star hotel in the Ziller valley, Fügenberg


Für unsere Martha gibt es schlicht und einfach nur ein Wort: Sie ist eine „Perle“. Bereits seit Dezember 1996 bei uns leitet sie die Abteilung der Zimmermädchen, reinigt Zimmer, bezieht Betten, bügelt. Kurzum, sie tut alles, damit Ihr Zimmer im schönsten Glanz erstrahlt. Und das alles mit immer guter Laune! Wenn sie nicht im Hotel arbeitet, geht sie gerne Rad fahren und schwimmen.

Wellnesshotel in Fügen, Ziller valley


Since 2018, Daniela has been the vitality director at the Schiestl. In addition, Daniela takes on other various tasks in the hotel office. The mother of 2 almost grown daughters loves to be out in nature in her free time especially in the company of her loyal dog Charly. Reading, skiing, and traveling are also among her hobbies.


Since December 2011 Eva has worked with us. She is the right hand of our head chef Christian and she gladly pamper our guests and her colleagues with a lovely meal. She likes joking around and we feel fortunate that this excellent co-worker is part of our team. 

Senior manager Maridl

Senior manager Maridl has passed away on 15 April 2019.

Senior Chef Gottfried Schiestl

Senior Chef Gottfried

Senior manager Gottfried has passed away on 15 April 2015.

Holiday atmosphere that lasts

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Wonderful hotel! Super large and modern! The food is fantastic.

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