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Aroma-sea salt treatment 45 min € 51,00
"For silky skin". After a full-body peel consisting of sea salt, oil, and essential aromatic oils, the skin will be nourished with high-quality care products. Provides for silky-soft, velvety skin. Effect: velvety soft, supple skin. Don't dream any longer, but make your dreams come true.
Aroma therapy 20 min € 31,00
"Pure relaxation for your soul!" The custom of using essential oils as medicinal and fragrant substances looks back on a 5000 year old history. Even in ancient Egypt, essential oils were used for wound healing. Let yourself be enchanted with oils and a hint of aroma. Cold-pressed oils and an essential fragrant oil of your choice are applied while you relax in the water bed.
Nourishing mud wrap 45 min € 46,00
The mud paste will be applied over the entire skin surface. Then you will rest for ca. 15 to 20 min in a water bed. This mud application stimulates metabolism, promotes circulation, and loosens and relaxes muscles, and is an ancient, very effective heat therapy. No sauna visit after the treatment! Duration of the treatment: ca. 45 min, resting period: ca. 15 - 20 min
Almond oil wrap 45 min € 52,00
Skin cleansing, full-body peel with sea salt and tightening ampoule, has a nourishing and tightening effect, and smoothes the skin structure. Give your skin a gift. Along with total relaxation, an exquisite fragrance experience is awaiting you.
Primrose oil bath 20 min € 35,00
This bath is especially used for premature skin aging and neurodermatitis. The effect lies in the intense moisturizing of the skin as well as intense nourishment. Wrapped in warm fleece towels, you will relax in the heated bed. Help to regenerate your skin and make it feel smooth again.
Rasul € 21,00
We will prepare 3 mud mixtures for you, which you will apply to your skin. With soothing warmth and a relatively low degree of humidity, the mud slightly dries. With the first application of steam, the mud on the body will become moist, and you will feel a soothing tingle.
Thalasso therapy 45 min € 39,00
For centuries, people have sworn by this treatment, which makes use of the natural healing powers of the ocean. This wrap contains healing mud and sea algae. With this special composition, you will see the following effects: removing of fluids, detoxifying (cellulite), tissue tightening, stimulation of metabolism, and promotion of circulation.
Tirolean hay bath "The power of nature" 45 min € 46,00
With the strength of nature" Effects: purifying, detoxifying, stimulation of metabolism. The hay bath is more gentle for the circulation than mud.
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