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Babor algae firming treatment 60 min € 66,00
Cleansing, blood flow mask, peel, algae ampoule, algae mask (stimulation of cellular activity; visibly smoothes and tightens the skin), care products for face, hair, and lips
Babor ampoule crash cure 40 min € 54,00
Cleansing, peel, moisturizing with 2 to 3 ampoules
Facial lymph drainage 20 min € 35,00
A healthy, natural, and pain-free, yet highly effective method of treatment. By pumping out accumulated lymph fluid, the immune system will be strengthened. Facial lymph drainage prevents wrinkles and maintains beauty.
Forming the eyebrows (plucking) € 12,00
Eyebrow coloring € 10,00
Exfoliating scrub of the entire body 20 min € 29,00
The pores open, the skin can breathe and becomes more receptive. Dead skin cells are removed. It has a cleansing effect and its stimulates the blood circulation. A body scrub is to be recommended prior to any body wrap.
Grand facial 75 min € 78,00
Cleansing, blood flow mask, peel with steam, massage, ampoule, mask, eye and lip care, day care
Relaxing treatment 45 min € 57,00
Cleansing, peel, 15 min. massage, relaxing mask, eye and lip care, day care
Manicure without nail polish € 32,00
Manicure with nail polish € 36,00
Manicure with French € 38,00
Manicure with long-lasting gel coat € 41,00
Manicure with gel coat & French € 52,00
Manicure with paraffin bath € 41,00
Paraffin treatment for hands & feet 30 min € 25,00
Feel good pedicure € 52,00
Enjoy a foot washing with sea salt peeling. Following you get a medical pedicure with nail polish and in the end a relaxing soothing foot massage.
Feel good pedicure with French € 56,00
Pedicure € 33,00
Pedicure with lack € 37,00
French pedicure € 41,00
Pedicure with long-lasting gel coat
€ 46,00
Pedicure with gel coat French € 53,00
Pedicure with paraffin bath € 46,00
SCEN-TAO - Far Easter relaxation treatment 90 min € 81,00
For face and body. Face: cleansing, ampoule, care products, and pressure point treatment. Body: refreshing body spray followed by a massage with oil and warm stones.
Eyelash coloring € 13,00
BABOR HSR treatment 100 min € 132,00
Revolutionary lifting + anti-aging treatment Result: Skin aging is significantly slowed down. Works comprehensively against age spots, redness, large pores, and saccharification of the skin. The skin will immediately look smoother and tighter! Your complexion will become more even and radiant. Your face contours will be noticeably tighter. The skin will be smoother, wrinkles decreased, contours more firm, and the skin tone more even with finer pores and a more youthful appearance. The life cycle of skin cells will be increased.
Alpine spruce 45 min € 52,00
This treatment helps you to breathe deeply and relax and inspires the soul. This body wrap is good for muscle tension. Too little energy and too much dead weight? Spruce needles clear the mind and brighten the soul.
Alpine fir 45 min € 52,00
This body wrap gives confidence and is ideal for nervous tension. The fir smell brings fresh, clear thoughts and more concentration and gives a cozy feeling.

Tanning booth & Pine deep warmth infrared treatment

Acapulco solarium 10 min € 11,00
Magnetic field therapy 8 min € 12,00
Turbo solarium 5 min € 11,00
Infra red for 1 - 3 persons 5 min € 14,00
Strengthens the immune system and is ideal before a massage. A must for skin problems!

Hair removal with hot wax

Underarm € 14,00
Bikini line € 17,00
Entire leg € 45,00
Chin € 5,00
Upper lip € 8,00
Lower leg € 27,00
 A great hotel. The staff is very friendly and always helpful. A great holiday! We will go again. 

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