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Just relax and feel good


Loosen tensions, strengthen loose muscles, and tighten the skin and the connective tissue. "Just relax and feel good."

Full-body massage

Deep tissue massage for the muscles

approx. 45 minutes: € 52

Back massage

Deep tissue massage for the muscles

approx. 20 minutes: € 36

Aroma oil massage

The massage and the pleasant scent of the selected aroma oil lead to a state of inner peace and balance. The natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layer and stimulate the nerve, blood and lymphatic system.

approx. 45 minutes: € 52

Facial lymph drainage

Is a healthy, natural and painless, but absolutely effective treatment. Facial lymphatic drainage is used to prevent wrinkles and to support beauty.

approx. 20 minutes: € 35

Foot massage

approx. 20 minutes: € 31

Sports massage

for tired and sportively stressed legs

approx. 20 minutes: € 36

Wellness massage

with warm oil

approx. 45 minutes: € 52

Massage mix

Back massage + face or foot massage

approx. 40 minutes: € 52

Anti-stress massage from top to toe

Light relaxation massage

approx. 55 minutes: € 70

Massage with singing bowls

Loosens blockades and brings harmony. Please wear comfortable clothing!

approx. 45 minutes: € 52

Foot reflexology massage with footbath

“Relaxation for your feet and your whole body.” Effect: The human body is a “small universe” of its own where the processes run through orderly and harmoniously paths and the inner systems constantly exchange data with one another, cooperate and coordinate. The feet reflect our whole body. Through targeted stimulation of the 64 reflex zones on the feet the blood circulation is enhanced, congestion in the energy flow is eliminated, body‘s cells are activated and the organ function is improved.

approx. 40 minutes: € 52

Head massage

Tensions melt away. Shoulder, neck, head and face

approx. 45 minutes: € 52

Facial massage

In this treatment, the face is being pampered with a gentle massage. The blood circulation is stimulated, the face muscles are loosened. In addition, the massage has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.

approx. 20 minutes: € 31

Lymph drainage

“The lymphatic system of the body is activated.” The lymph is responsible not only for optimal drainage, but is also bearer of the entire immune system of the organism. We recommend the lymphatic drainage with congestions like heavy strained legs. Detoxifying.

approx. 45 minutes: € 53

Acupuncture massage

Compensating energy, the energy paths become free again. Acupuncture as a part of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the reversing and regulation therapies. It helps to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing and even to stimulate it.

approx. 25 minutes: € 40
approx. 50 minutes: € 55

La STONE massage

The stored heat of the stones leads to a significant increase in blood flow of skin and muscles and thus to a particularly profound relaxation.

approx. 90 minutes: € 92

La STONE back massage

approx. 40 minutes: € 52

Forest scent full body massage

approx. 45 minutes: € 60

Forest scent back massage

The classic back massage is ideal as a quick way to achieve wellness. The wonderfully refreshing and circulation-increasing arnica oil revives and gives well-being.

approx. 20 minutes: € 37

Ear candle treatment

Gentle cleaning of the ear. Effect of ear candles: particularly for headaches, colds and flu, stress and nervousness.

approx. 25 minutes: € 30

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