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Massages (incl. rest time)

Acupuncture massage 25 min € 40,00
Acupuncture massage 50 min € 55,00

Compensating energy, the energy paths become free again. Acupuncture as a part of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the reversing and regulation therapies. It helps to maintain our physical and mental wellbeing and even to stimulate it.

Our body is equipped with an energy guidance system, which connects all acupunture points to each other. We call these channels meridians. We feel healthy and in harmony with ourselves, when the interplay between Yin and Yang act as a flowing exchange. This treatment is used for many things for ex. activating the self-healing mechanism, rheumatory problems, circulatory disorders, headaches, migraines, fatigue, pine diseases, and much more.

Aromatic oil massage 45 min € 52,00
Gently full-body massage with special essential oils. The massage and the pleasant scent of the selected aroma oil lead to a state of inner peace and balance. The natural ingredients penetrate deep into the skin layer and stimulate the nerve, blood and lymphatic system.
Foot massage 20 min € 31,00
Relaxing, soothing, and vitalizing massage for your feet.
Anti-stress massage from head to toe 55 min € 70,00
Relaxing, soothing, and vitalizing massage for your feet.
Foot reflexology massage with bath 40 min € 52,00
"Pure relaxation for the feet and the entire body" Foot bath with essential oils followed by a foot massage. The human body itself is a "small universe" whose processes run in ordered, harmonious channels and whose systems constantly communicate, cooperate, and coordinate with each other. The feet reflect our entire body. With the targeted stimulation of the 64 reflex zones on the feet, blood circulation is strengthened, blockages in energy flow are removed, cells are activated, and organ function is improved.
Full-body massage 45 min € 52,00
Deep tissue massage for the muscles; loosens muscle tension, strengthens flabby muscles, and tightens the skin and connective tissue.
Face massage  20 min € 31,00
In this treatment, the face is being pampered with a gentle massage. The blood circulation is stimulated, the face muscles are loosened. In addition, the massage has a calming effect on the autonomic nervous system.
Head massage 45 min € 52,00
Relieves tension. Shoulder, neck, head and face
La STONE back massage (incl. rest time) 40 min € 52,00
La STONE massage incl. rest time 90 min € 92,00
La STONE is a healing massage with hot lava stones and cold marble stones. This is especially recommended for persistent muscle tension and for everyone who would like to experience complete relaxation. The stored heat of the stones leads to a significant increase in blood flow of skin and muscles and thus to a particularly profound relaxation.
Alpin Derm forest scent back massage 20 min € 37,00
The classic back massage is ideal as a quick way to achieve wellness. The wonderfully refreshing and circulation-increasing arnica oil revives and gives well-being.
Alpin Derm forest scent full body massage 45 min € 60,00
Lymph drainage 45 min € 53,00
"The body's lymph system will be activated" Lymph is not only responsible for optimal drainage but also acts as transport for the body's entire defense system. Lymph drainage is recommended for blockages such as edema, overstrained legs, after operations and accidents, and nerve related disorders. Particularly good results are achieved after operations.
Facial lymph drainage 20 min € 35,00
Is a healthy, natural and painless, but absolutely effective treatment. Facial lymphatic drainage is used to prevent wrinkles and to support beauty.
Ear candle treatment 25 min € 30,00
A cleansing and massage of the ears. This special natural remedy especially helps with headaches, sniffles, colds, tinnitus ... Gentle cleaning of the ear Effect of ear candles: particularly for headaches, colds and flu, stress and nervousness.
"Scen-Tao" 90 min € 81,00
Far Eastern relaxation treatment for face and body Would you like to bring your body back into line and find inner harmony? Then this treatment is just the right thing for you. Your body and face will be pampered with a fragrant, nourishing body oil and hot stones. You´ll feel completely reborn afterwards.
Sports massage 20 min € 36,00
This is recommended after sports activity. Especially the leg muscles will be loosened and relaxed (special sports cream). "Now there is nothing in the way of an active day"
Back massage 20 min € 36,00
Deep tissue massage for the back
Feel-good massage 45 min € 52,00
Massage mix € 52,00
Back massage + face or foot massage
Massage with singing bowls 45 min € 52,00
Loosens blockages and brings harmony. Please wear comfortable clothing!
 Large, bright room; bath and toilet separated; very clean rooms and bathroom/toilet; 3/4 pension with a large selection of the breakfast buffet 

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